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AI Technology’s Next Step is to Make Instant Videos

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AI Technology’s Next Step is to Make Instant Videos. Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the online world. AI has been assisting us and introducing new features day by day which has made life easier than before. If we just enter into the online world, we shall see that there are several AI-generated tools that are assisting in different fields, content writing, graphic designing, data management, and various others. Now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is focusing on the other vast dimensions in which making instant videos is the top priority. A New York-based start-up is focusing on a new project that enables users to make instant videos of their interests using Artificial intelligence.

Runway AI Start-up in New York

Ian Sansavera, the software architect of a New York-based setup named Runway AI, has utilized this technique recently while at work. He typed a description of a scene ‘A tranquil river in the forest’. Within two minutes AI technology’s experimental platform generated a video similar to the typed description. In the video, a river passing through the trees and splashing over rocks was seen, and water was shining due to the sunlight.

The Runway is not the only firm utilizing artificial intelligence to generate videos. Several other companies employ the same strategies to get their jobs done efficiently.

Future of AI

Artificial Intelligence technology has now become a significant participant in the race of the technological world. It has given tough competition to the giants like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and a few other start-ups. This race is going to revolutionize the world and AI technology is going to lead this race. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence Technology is now also going to be used as an integral part of the IPhone’s web browsers as well.

 Till now, it was difficult to pay heavy dues to the models and actors for advertisement pictures and particularly for videos. But now, this new feature of artificial technology’s making instant videos will be a benefit in ultimate ways. This video generation feature would put moviemakers and digital artists at an advantage.

Tools of AI Technology

Till now so many tools and features of Artificial Intelligence Technology have been introduced in the market. So many people are using AI tools for the sake of making sounds, creating images and videos, accounting purposes, and content writing. Tools like OpenAI, online Chatbot, and a few other tools like ChatGPT has stunned the tech industry with their efficient working and assisting features.

What makes AI Technology’s Video Generation Unique?

Making, editing, and manipulating videos and movies is nothing new. No doubt it has been done for the last couple of decades but it took countless efforts and time to do so. It took a century to upgrade things day by day. But, AI is best known for its instant, accurate, edited, high-quality generated videos. AI has saved men a lot of time and effort. But back in time, videos generated by using shot cuts were considered to be deep fakes due to their results.

Contrary to that, to make an instant video using Runway’s AI Technology, one just has to simply type the details like a short description. Instructing a scene in the description would serve the best, the scene must contain some action but not that much action. For now, this technology produces instant videos consisting of only a few seconds.

Like other AI-based technologies, the AI system of Runway also analyzes the data taken from captions, photos, and videos and then processes the data.  Based on the processed data and given input AI technology produces instant videos. Experts believe that videos employing such technology would become efficient day by day and they can expand and improve such skills. Moreover, AI would generate professional short videos along with dialogues and music. But for now, it is quite difficult to reach a point that whether instant-made videos are effective or not. But with the way AI technology is developing day by day, soon the required purpose would be fulfilled with perfection.


Just like other AI tools like Chatbot, OpenAI, and a few other AI-based tools ChatGPT has revolutionized the tech world. Runway’s AI technology-based instant videos are going to be unique of its kind by dynamically serving the tech world. Instead of making, editing, and drafting, one would simply have to type the details, and well-crafted videos will be generated. Now, Runway’s AI technology is offering short videos consisting of four seconds, in the near future it would generate larger videos as well.AI Technology’s Next Step is to Make Instant Videos.

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