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How Careerline Tech Center Works? 

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Careerline Juniors and seniors in high school can enroll in one of 26 programs at the Careerline Tech Center (CTC). Therefore they get free career education to develop their skills. And get ready for post-secondary education. 

Students Routine 

Students attend half-day programs. Tech Centre students have the option to gain academic credit for fourth-year math. And third-year science, visual, and performing arts. Also an online learning experience. 

Open house program 

Careerline Tech Center hosts open houses twice a year, once in October and once in February, where parents and prospective students can tour the programs. And speak with faculty members. Students in the 10th and 11th grades can tour programs at the Careerline Tech Centre. 

Also, in February, before choosing one for the following year. Twenty-one local colleges and universities. And Careerline Tech Centre has articulation partnerships. Students have the opportunity to obtain college credit through these agreements. While still in high school. 

Programs offered by Careerline Tech Centre 

The programs offered by Careerline Tech Center are categorized into paths. These are significant groups of occupations with a lot in common regarding traits and educational and job criteria.

Environmental & Agricultural Sciences Pathway 

This program is made to help students learn about horticulture, animal, and environmental sciences. They research animal anatomy and nutrition, habitats, water quality, plant identification, and landscape design. The idea of “going green” and renewable/sustainable energy sources will be covered. In a lab setting, students will work with animals. 

Pathway in the Arts and Communications

The Graphic Design program is to create creative graphic design work and illustrations. Also, computer software skills are integrated with drawing and design principles. 

Therefore High-quality projects are created on computers and packaged into a portfolio.

This one-year program with a second year of the extended curriculum is available to juniors and seniors.

Students in this program study video production, editing, and broadcasting with a concentration on production. Students learn how to operate video cameras, sound and mixing boards, and lighting in a production studio and the field. 

Pathway for Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology

The culinary and pastry arts program teaches students about the hospitality business, with a concentration on culinary and pastry arts. Culinary students gain knowledge of food and beverage production, nutrition, safe cooking techniques, and sanitation.

Industrial/Engineering/Manufacturing Pathway

Students learn the procedures necessary to repair damaged automobiles. As well as learning how to remove dents, weld, align the body and frame, replace panels, prepare the surface, estimate repairs, and paint.

Pathway for Health Sciences

Students are taught the fundamentals of patient care. And including how to take a patient’s temperature and measure their blood pressure, pulse, and respiration rate. Also, students can earn phlebotomy (blood-drawing) certification.

Pathway for human services

In this course, students learn about hair shape and styling, manicures, facials, and waxing, among other salon services. Students must pay a price that includes a dummy, textbook, hair shears, a razor, and a uniform. 


Careerline Tech Center provides career education for students. With the help of CTC programs, students can polish their skills and become successful people in life. 

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