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Running a Successful Watch Repair Business: Behind the Scenes

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Watches are no less than jewelry for their owners. Without a doubt, they often hold sentimental value, luxury, and craftsmanship. So, people want them to remain pristine, thus looking for the watch repair services around them, making this business highly demanding.  

In addition, a successful watch repair business is not just about fixing timepieces but also providing excellent customer service and preserving the art of horology. If you are also the one looking to start your watch repair lab or are struggling to make it more profitable, this article is for you.

Below, we will discuss the scenes behind making a successful watch repair lab. Also, you will learn how watch shop management software can help you manage inventory, customers, and employees and market your business. Let us begin.  

  1.     The Craft of Watchmaking and Repair

Watchmaking and repairing are highly technical crafts that require experience, expertise, and dedication. So, if you want to grow your watch repair business, you must have hands-on experience in fixing every type of timepiece. This can include automatic, mechanical, solar, and quartz watches. Additionally, tiny gears and intricate movements in the design demand precision and a keen eye.

So, you cannot just rely on the repair technicians at your shop; having detailed knowledge about this business is a must. You can attend specialized watchmaking schools, where you can learn everything regarding watchmaking, polishing, refurbishing, etc., and acquire the essential skills to restore every kind of timepiece. After this, you can begin your business and mention all the guidelines, such as repair and customer service tips, in your employee handbook.

Along with that, you can look for modern tools, such as shop maintenance software, to modernize your business and speed up all the ongoing processes. It will let you organize most of the things with just a click of a button, and there will be fewer chances of human errors.

  1.     Solid Customer Base

Running a successful watch repair business demands you have a solid customer base. They are the ones who trust you and invest their time and money to get their timepieces fixed. Thus, to make them entrusted to your repair service and enhance the customer base, you must put in the effort to respond to their queries and concerns in a timely manner.  

Similarly, you should train your staff members and employees regarding their behavior while serving the clients. Ask them to have a smile on their faces when dealing with any of the watch owners. Accept the criticism, and try to cover up if there is any room for improvement.


  1.     Inventory Management

Inventory management is challenging. And when it’s about a repair business like yours, it becomes even more difficult as you have to keep an eye on several small parts and accessories. This can include leather straps, batteries, crowns, dials, case backs, spring bars, etc.

However, organizing every item using manual procedures, such as registers, can be very hectic. That is why you should equip your repair lab with the watch shop management software. Using a notification feature, the system can let you know whenever you are running out of stock. Moreover, you can contact your desired vendors to place orders.

  1.     Pricing and Financial Management

Setting fair prices for your services is essential. For instance, your competitor repairs a quartz watch for $80. And the other one charges $90 for the same service. You can offer the same repair service for $70, attracting their customers to visit your shop.

Additionally, you can sell related accessories for a flat 10% discount or can offer complementary steel bracelet polishing. This way, you can increase your customer base and enhance your profitability.

  1.     Challenges and Pitfalls

Running a successful watch repair business comes with its share of challenges. The ones you may encounter are mentioned below.

  • Skill and Expertise: Developing the skills and expertise required in the watch repair business is a must. Also, it can take around a few months to a year or so. Yet, continuous learning and practice are essential.
  • Competition: Due to the number of watch repair service providers, the industry has become competitive. So, to stand out among others requires a combination of excellent marketing, craftsmanship, and customer service. Skill and Expertise: Developing the skills and expertise necessary for watch repair takes time and commitment. Continuous learning and practice are essential.
  • Issues with Supply Chain: Ensure there are no delays with suppliers or quality concerns, as it can disrupt your business operations. Always keep your inventory top-up so that you don’t have to lose any of your customers due to unavailability of stock.

Final Words

Watch repair is an exciting niche for anyone who is passionate about timepieces and luxury craftsmanship. Above, we have mentioned some of the suggestions to enhance operation running behind the scenes. Hopefully, by following them, you can grow your business and attract more clients. 

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