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The larger W16 Mistral-inspired new electric scooter from Bugatti

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The updated 2023 Bugatti electric scooter was at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, hiding among the tens of thousands of extravagant displays and exhibits.


It was never seen by Techtimesto. Has anybody?

Fortunately, information and photographs about the 2023 model, a 10% larger, more luxurious electric scooter, have finally been made public.

In 2022, Bugatti introduced a $1,200 electric scooter in collaboration with the tech accessories manufacturer Bytech. In order to create a second-generation scooter that is more robust, has additional features and colors, as well as larger “self-repairing” tires, the two firms teamed up once more.


The companies state that the 2023 scooter is 10% larger than its previous model, equipped with a 36-volt/15.6Ah battery, and features an electric motor capable of producing a maximum output of 1,000 watts.

The scooter can handle an 18-degree inclination, reach a top speed of 22 miles per hour, and go 35 miles on a single charge thanks to that battery and motor combination, the manufacturer claims. (This is an increase from the previous model’s 22-mile range.)

The cost of this larger second-generation model has not been disclosed as of now. The phrase “if you have to ask” might be applicable in this situation.


The 10-inch tire (the previous one was nine inches) has a pneumatic tubeless design with a built-in glue repair mechanism that patches probable tire punctures, as part of the total extended size. (The technology has a similar sound to tubeless bicycle tires. If there is a puncture, a sealant that releases and coats the interior can be placed into the tires.)

The latest Bugatti scooter comes equipped with a touchscreen display, showcasing essential information such as speed, rider mode, battery status, and lamp operations. Additionally, it features passcode protection to ensure security.

The scooter includes leather handle grips and is available in three hues, including a new yellow and black design that honors Bugatti founder Ettore Bugatti (supposedly his favorite color combination), as well as the W16 Mistral roadster, which has a related color scheme.

Two tiny LED lights are attached to the ends of those leather grips. The turn signals are synced and displayed on the coordinating MIPS-certified helmet for increased visibility and safety.

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